Montana Road Trip || Travel || Spring Break 2014

Days it took to get to and from Cardwell, Montana: 4

Days we spent in Montana: 3

States we visited: Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana

Blizzards: 1

Trip Temp High: 101* in Arizona

Trip Temp Low: 19* in Montana

Pork Chop Sandwiches consumed: 4

Deaths caused by Buffalo Wings: 2 (okay we didnt die, but we learned a whole new type of hot)

Gas Stations with subways: Too many to count

Taxidermy shops visited: 2

Abandoned Bowling Alley: 1

Fights: Zero

Biggest disappointment: Yellowstone being closed; missing the perfect lighting at horseshoe bend by 20 min.

Best sight: Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona. Totally worth the money.

Conversations about how much we missed the dog: 2984398497543878348


A priceless trip with my best friend.

Take a look at some of the sights...